Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Place I really like.

I really like this building. It is about $200 more than I wanted to pay. I really have to crunch the numbers to see if it's worth it. The amenities are: laundry rm, fitness center, harwood floors (yippee!), cable ready, high speed Internet, extra storage, ceiling fans (does this mean no air?), walk-in closets.

Model apartment

This is a model apartment. Is seems nice, but I have to wait and see how the entire apartment looks. I'm not too keen on carpet, but most building have it. The amenities are good here: a/c, washer/dryer in unit, controlled access, walk-in closets, extra storage, dishwasher, fridge.

Apartment search

I like this building and the model apartment. I am wondering if this building has mixed income housing. I think it does. I am trying to see if I can post the model picture here.

What a weekend!!

Alright, this past weekend was full of events. Friday, I took my daughter to the orthodonist and then we went to eat. We went to this greasy spoon restaurant called Nicky's Grill on 103rd and Western. It was good. I was eating in the place with Nia and I had to get some napkins. I decided to get some off this empty table. This man sitting near me says"You could have gotten some from here (referring to his table)" I replied"It's okay, I didn't want to reach over you." He tells me "Someone who looks as pretty as you, I don't mind at all." I wanted to puke. I was thinking "Do you have mirrors in your house?" Obviously he doesn't.

Saturday morning, I had my usual hair appointment. I left to take Barbara (a friend) to go get her car from the carwash (around 85th and Ashland). I decided to get my SUV washed as well. They did a great job. As I am waiting for her, this huge man with keloids on both sides of his face (looking like a beard) says" Are you reay for the weekend?" Me: "As ready as I'll be." Him:" Are you married?" Me: "Not yet, I'm waiting on him." Him:"Can I give you me number to call when he mess up, 'cause I know he will." Me:" That wouldn't be nice and what type of woman would that make me if I call you when he does something wrong?" Then again, I think to myself "Another home without mirrors!!!" It's like get real booger. Then I also thought I need to find my decoy rings. I have some rings that look like engagement/wedding rings I need to wear for these boogers.

Saturday afternoon/early evening I went to a baby shower. I saw many alums from Whitney Young. It was great. I also had a dinner date that evening. We went to Exposure, it's a tapas restuarant. It was really good. I had creme brulee for dessert. It had some type of brownie on the bottom. The brownie was too chocolatey(is that such a word) for me. Nonetheless, it was great food and company. I especially enjoyed the company. We tried the ceviche (it was shrimp that night), shrimp and asparagus tempura, scallops and mashed potatoes, lamb chops and I forgot the other dish. It was really good.

Sunday afternoon, I went to my aunts for dinner. We had a good time and played a game called "Last word" It's so much fun. The object is to get the last word in before the timer sounds. The timer is at random intervals so you never know when it will sound. There are subject cards and letter cards. Everyone takes a subject card and one person turns over the letter card. Everyone is supposed to think of something in his/her category that begins with the letter on the card. The first person who can think of word for his or her category and puts their card face up on the game board should start the timer. Everyone else should begin to think of things related to the topic face up on the board (Oh, the person must announce the category as the card is placed on the game board). The last person to correctly say a term associated with the subject wins that round and advances one space. It is a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I made my famous turkey burgers. They were great. I invited a few people over to share. It was Scenecia, Nia, Bill, Torrie, Rhonda, Mom, Dad, Nia and me. We had a great time. We played Last Word again and a few people (I won't mention any names) were trying to cheat. Overall, I had a great time and a full weekend. I need another day off.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Addendum to I just realized this...

Why do people insist on popping gum in public places? Everytime I hear someone doing it, I think about Flo from Mel's diner. I'm sure we all remember her" Kiss my grits." I just don't get it.

Another thing, I can't stand it when a student swears to the high heaven that he/she is going to go to college and can't even write a 5-paragraph essay. What has America done to her children? Fooled them for one thing.

Crossroads Trading

My friend Shopgirl would really appreciate this. I heard about this place, but really had forgotten about it. It is called Crossroads Trading. There are three locations in the Chicago area (I am going to the one on Milwaukee Ave.). They will buy your gently worn clothing right there on the spot. It is not like a consignment shop where you have to wait for the item to sell. I did not remember the website, but I'm sure if you go to www.google.com you can find them.

Happy Shopping

International Beauty Show

I am trying to go to Las Vegas for the Internation Beauty Show (Formerly Las Vegas Hair and Nail Conference). It is June 28-30. I am working the last week of June, so I have to figure it out. If I go, I'll probably take the red eye home that Sunday night. It might not be practical because I am moving and need to keep as money in my pocket for that.

Let the search begin

I have been on the hunt for a place to live. I am not buying yet (I haven't saved enough $$$). I have been looking in the Bronzeville, Kenwood area. I've checked rent.com and based on some of the pictures, the places seem nice. I'm going to try and look at places next week or when school is over. I'm excited.

I just realized this (not really)

Today is the sports awards ceremony at school. The kids are supposed to dress up. Most of the boys look like they are vying for "Pimp of the Year" and many of the girls look like they are vying for "Video Vixen of the Year." The girls don't know how to walk in heels because they have never worn them. Some of the girls shoes are too big, too small, or just plain tacky. I know they are doing the best they can, but this is what happens when your examples come from BET, VH1, and MTV.

These are sexy too

Alright, I've been neglecting you guys and it's not intentional. I am so feeling these shoes.

I saw them on http://www.jchereebridal.com/

Monday, May 19, 2008

Calgon Please take me away

I am in my 9th period inclusion class. They are driving me nuts!!!

My weekend

This weekend, I went to Haunted Trails with the girls. We had a good time. Spent way too much, but nontheless, it was fun. We will return there in a few weeks. Hopefully my Credit Recovery money will be coming soon. It has really gotten me in a pickle.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I can't stand a lazy, sluggard. I have this one student who is extremely lazy. It is ridiculous. Everytime an assignment is given, the student wants to know how many points is the assignment worth. Never, what will I learn from this, but what is the point value. This student did not complete to an essay which was part of the requirement to be considered for the National Honor Society. It was too much to do (this is what the student said). I guess being in such an organization is not important enough to complete the assignment. (Oh, this student always tells me that college is definitely in the future.)

Friday, May 9, 2008

My High School Alumni Website

I've been on Ning. My high school alumni website is up and running and it is soooooooooo addictive.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stimulate me!!!

I meant to tell all that the stimulus works. I was stimulated the other day!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I like these shoes. I know Amy will say they aren't sensible, but I still like them.

Cinco de Mayo

I went to what was my favorite Mexican restaurant (Arturo's). It was very crowded. Our server left without closing out the check and it was chaos after that. It seemed like they did not have enough people staffed during the dinner hour. Bill almost lost it. We had to ask for carry out containers a few times. Everything was much better when we walked across the street to Margies Candies. It was the best. The girls enjoyed the ice cream so much they almost licked the bowl clean. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Last Dance!!!

Today was the last day I serviced my clients. I am on my journey to my new endeavor. It was bitter sweet because most of my clients have been with me for some years now; however, I have to do this. I want to have options for my future if I decide education is not when I should be. I am a bit nervous about starting something new, but it is a good feeling. It's probably excitement more so than anything else.

Event Counter by Jippy.com

Rev. Jessie Jackson

I am at Marshall High School for our professional development. We got a break to go and see Jessie Jackson. He was here to speak on the violence that has been going on in Chicago. He used a lot of repetition and alliteration. I was a bit disappointed about the crowd participation. When Jessie Jackson asked the students to repeat after him, they did not respond very favorably. It was a disappointment. Tomorrow is Commando day at Operation Push!!! (For those of you who don't know (most of my non-Caucasian friends) that means don't wear any underwear.) lol

The Chicago High School for the Arts

I got this brochure from Joann and it seems like a good thing. I want to send my daughter there when it opens. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Check me out.

Please visit http://www.freewebs.com/thepedicureshoppe/

Let me know what you think. It's for future use.