Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To settle or not to settle: That is the question.

I got this article from a friend today and I found it quite interesting.

In this article, the author( who is a woman) suggests that women who desire marriage need to settle. She suggests this for women who are 30ish and older.

One issue I have is that there is never much talk about men settling. In most cases the man is not settling, he's getting a good thing. There are some men who may settle for a woman who may not be the prettiest, but she possesses some domestic skills that may seem appealing to the man.

Another issue was the suggestion that women are too picky or standards are too high. Why is it that women are too picky or standards are too high when they want certain things? If a man wants a women with certain standards, nothing is wrong with that. It's that old double standard.

I think the biggest issue I have with the article was the moms who were encouraging their daughters to settle. What ever happened to a mom wanting what's best for her daughter? Is settling what's best? I am not sure.

What happened to trusting God to give you the desire of your hearts? I guess after a certain age, that goes out the window with the bath water. I am not an advocate for anyone settling. I think it sets women up for a life of misery. It is okay to compromise, but not your beliefs. When women start to do that, I believe they lose sight of who they are.